Are you tired of the current pay to play political system?  Are you fed up with struggling just to make ends meet?  Are you sick of seeing your hard earned tax money wasted to support the interests of a select few?  If so, then we already have something in common.

My name is Brian Caples, and I am a new choice for Assembly in District 6.  What has your elected representative done for you lately?  When you needed some one to represent you at the capitol, how successful were they?  Who will fight for all of the people in Assembly District 6 and get our voices heard?

I am not a politician.  I am a cancer survivor, and hard working American.  I care about you- my fellow friends and neighbors.  I will never take dark money from lobbyists and serve their interests. 

I am committed to supporting all of the people in California, not just a select few.  Let the politicians work on the political issues.  I will fix our water systems and restore Folsom Lake.  I will use my business experience to help our small businesses and put Californians back to work.  I will get you a fair wage so you can keep your home, and put food on your table.  I will put an end to the inequality that is crippling California, and keeping us held down.  I will fight to make sure our kids get the best education possible.  I will introduce legislation to put a stop to the flow of dark money into California politics.  I will use my experience in technology to implement fixes for our state computers and networks.  I will be a solid voice for you, and I will actually get things done!

There is no better time than right now! 

Make 2014 the year when WE THE PEOPLE WIN!

Brian Caples

CA Democratic Party endorsed candidate

California State Assembly District 6

Top Priorities:

1. Transparency in Government

2. Protect our Water

3. Ensure Fiscal Responsibility

4. Promote Opportunity

5. End Dark Money Lobbying